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1.  Download and print the CONSENT TO EXCHANGE INFORMATION FORM.  This form needs to be NOTARIZED and then faxed to 800-699-7008 and the original mailed to Allen Investigations at the above address.

2.  Fill in the appropriate information form, print, and mail in.

3.  Pay in the form of a Check, Money Order, or credit card is acceptable.

4.  A telephone consultation is mandatory before a search will begin.


Debra Allen

285 Lake Havasu Avenue S.

Lake Havasu City, AZ  86403


Fax  800-699-7008


Debra is an amazing angel. I had no clue of what to do about finding my birth mother. We found each other on Facebook. We talked on the phone and she explained to me the process of what she does and what to and what not to expect. She knows what she is doing for sure. I hired her. Within 2 days, she found her name. It’s been a week and a half and she is still getting tons of information for me. I so didn’t expect to get it this fast. She has a heart of gold. She works so hard for you. Very professional and kind. Thank you so much Debra!

Kathy G.

In just a couple of hours Deb found six (6) siblings and my birth-father (deceased). I had located two siblings (different father) a few years ago but had run into a dead-end on my father’s side. I have known Deb for years and she is a genuinely kind hearted person who is eager to help. Good luck to all of you who are searching for your family!

Mike F.

I absolutely cannot recommend Debra Allen highly enough. She is awesome, compassionate, caring. Having been adopted at birth, at 58 years old I knew the possibly of finding my birth parents at all, let alone still alive, was slim to none, but I’d searched previously to no avail, had always met dead ends. I met Debra through a 2nd cousin I had found through genetic testing — Debra had found her birth family previously. I started communicating with Debra, and was so impressed with how compassionate she is. I know she was working with lots of other people, but she made me feel like I was the ONLY one — She made contact with my half-brother and with relatives who knew my birth mother – both parents sadly deceased, but I have a family on my father’s side, and stories about my mother — filling a hole in my heart! She made all initial contact and eased the way for me, encouraging me every step of the way. Each time she found a new piece to the puzzle, she would call me and let me know — and she was JUST as excited as I was! She wasn’t just reporting her findings, she was sharing the joy with me…I am forever grateful to Debra Allen for her efforts finding my family.

Catherine G

Thank you Debra Allen from the bottom of my being…. just so amazing to have found my twins after 27 years ….the emotions are everywhere, and we haved talked . And talked and shared pictures and a phone call last night and today…, its just awesome.

Cherie K.

I never forgot about this baby nor did I ever imagine that I would ever know anything about her. I would love to discuss this with you. I am very interested to find out my baby. Thank you for finding my daughter.

Cindy G

She knows what she is doing! Debra is a very professional and genuine person. I am very happy that I worked with her. What I liked the most about using her was that she was very prompt in getting back to me, even on the weekends. Thank you for the great service, Debra!